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Mealtimes with Littles

For our family, the drive thru (or uber eats) easy button is always so tempting. Kids are hungry in the car after school pick up. The evening schedule is looming, and I want ease. The kids want ease. We are tired, hungry, and maybe even a little hangry. 

But after eating the “fast” food, we often felt empty and unsatisfied. 

Why? What was missing? A quick and simple “fix”; leaving so much left on the table.

The connection. The discipleship. The family time.

I get it. Life moves fast and takeout definitely happens. 

Sometimes that does mean grabbing a pizza or “Chic-A-Lay” as my kids say. 

And other times that means making a nourishing meal at home.

Over the years, our family has worked on shifting the how we do it:

  • Pizza at the table together on paper plates discussing highs/lows of the day.
  • Choosing to share meals instead of ordering each person their own dish at a restaurant.
  • Inviting littles in to the kitchen with us.

Choosing togetherness as the priority in our mealtimes. 

Intentional mealtimes are such an undervalued blessing. As our culture tries to pulls us in every direction. A family mealtime can become a firm foundation for your family for years to come. 

If you want support to create meaningful mealtimes with littles, I’ve created a Mealtime E-Book. Check it out here.

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