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Are mealtimes with little kids worth it?

Do you think mealtimes as a family aren’t worth it yet because you have young children?

I used to think that too….

Until I would end each day weary and drained. 

Desperate for change, we completely changed how we approach mealtimes as a family. 

How did we do it?

By shifting the “how” and layering in what we were already doing.

It’s NOT about the food… 

It’s about togetherness.

It’s about discipleship.

It’s about home.

It’s not going to be perfect (and since littles are involved it might even be a little messy) but it’s worth it. 

What I’ve learned? 

  • Seeing my children’s eyes light up when they share something at the dinner table will never grow old.
  • Seeing their manners as they learn to care for their home is always so encouraging.
  • Seeing their hearts grow in their love for the Lord is a gift.

It’s NOT about having an elaborate meal; it’s about creating the space for family time.  

Families love, grow, and flourish together at the table. 

Give your family the gift of meaningful mealtimes.

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Let me help you create family mealtimes that have purpose.



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